Make the Competition Irrelevant


John Mehrmann




Help customers make an easy decision to buy

Is there an easy way to make the competition irrelevant? In an age with so much access to information, bombarded by advertisements and commercials, is it possible to keep the attention of your potential customers? What is the secret to help customers make an easy decision to buy? There is a secret formula that works for retail solutions, e-commerce, bids and proposals. It is a simple formula that has worked since the days of bartering beads, beans and burrows.




Create Differentiation

Create differentiation within your own products or services. If you have an assortment of products or services to offer, you may have identified your differentiation already. Common examples of competitive differentiation for products may be based on size, speed, color, components, combinations or accessories. Common examples of differentiation for services include speed, performance, quality, responsiveness, availability, ease or integration. If you are in the unique position of having only one product or service to offer potential customers then you should consider accessories, partners or other options to create a variety of levels from the perspective of your future customers. If all else fails, you can offer different levels of shipping speed or delivery.


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Focus on the Moment of Truth

Focus on the moment of truth, the place or position that your products or services will be offered to the customer. In a retail environment this may be the end-cap, a wall display, shelf space or a counter display. On the Internet this may be an on-line store, e-bay or your personal web site. It may be in a catalog or a brochure. It could even be part of an email communication.

Occasionally the moment of truth may be in the form of a bid or proposal after several months of discussions with a potential client. The moment of truth is the moment that the customer has a an option to make a purchase decision, to buy your products, invest in your services or hire you. This is the moment that you need to put your good, better and best foot forward.


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Words of Wisdom

"Love for customers is the springhead of the cascade of innovations and the river of revenues." ~ Valim Kotelnikov, Founder of e-Coach & Innompics

"No computer network with pretty graphics can ever replace the salespeople that make our society work." ~ Clifford Stoll, Silicon Snake Oil

"You can only cure retail but you can prevent wholesale." ~ Brock Chisholm