Customer Success 360

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Creating Customer Value 


Marketing and Selling □□□

How To Discover Market Opportunities

10 Lessons from Konosuke Matsushita

Add More Value for Your Customers

Creativity and Design Thinking

Business Process Thinking Check List: 13 Questions

Customer Partnership Rules  >>  Partner for Profit

4 Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Create Greater Value Online

Website >> Customer-focused >> Quality

Value Innovation  □□□

Innovation Is Love  >>  Love Your Customers

Customer-driven Innovation

New Product Development >> 10 Best Practices

Creating Customers  >>  10 Tips

Stand Out from the Competition  >>  3 Strategies

Customer Value Proposition >> Contextual    USP

Make Your Competition Irrelevant

Differentiation  >>  4 Steps


Branding Your Growing Business  >>  Slogan

Personal Brand  >>  10 Tips

Advertising Checklist

7-Part Competitive Strategy of Microsoft

Retaining Customers

Customers Will Usually Come Back If...  >>  Customers for Life

Customer Satisfaction  >>  4 Levels    Brand Loyalty

Virtuoso Marketing

White Marketing

Creative Marketing    Selling Is Problem Solving

What Every Good Marketer Knows    Art of Rainmaking

Achieve Visibility in Your Target Market: 10 Tips

4 Secrets for Selling Value Instead of Price

Irresistible Sales Communicator    How To Present With Passion

Selling by Listening    Always Be Closing

ICT-powered Marketing

Internet Marketing  >>  101    3 Approaches    Methods

Content Marketing >> Attractive Headlines >> 3 Rules

Seduce the Search Engines    Targeted Advertising

Social Media Marketing (SMM)    Customer Engagement

Behavioral Marketing and Contextual Advertising

What Follow-Up Method Really Works?