How To Get More From Less

Apply 80/20 Principle Everywhere


By: Richard Koch,
the author of

The 80/20 Principle





The 80/20 Principle teaches you:

  • Focus on what's important you can have anything you want but you cannot have everything you want.

  • Take averages apart and concentrate on the small parts of the system that have extraordinary power to generate wealth.

  • Be selective, not exhaustive. In every important sphere, work out where 20% of effort can lead to 80% of returns. Strive for excellence in the few key areas, rather than for good performance in many.

  • Target a limited number of very valuable goals, rather than pursue every available opportunity.

  • Focus on exceptional productivity, rather that raise average efforts. Make the most of your creativity peaks.

  • Only do things you are best at doing. Delegate or outsource the rest. Exercise control with the least possible effort.

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