Growth Stages


The 12 Reasons Why Start-Up Companies Fail


By: Terry Collison, Blue Rock Capital



① Inadequate planning of the business

② Inadequate planning of the business

③ Inadequate planning of the business

④ Insufficient initial capital for start-up period and development stages due to inadequate planning

⑤ Mistaken estimate of market demand for product or service



Entrepreneur Differentiated

Barriers and Keys To Success






Lack of management ability

⑦ Failure to select and use appropriate outside professional advisors

⑧ Inability to market product or services effectively

Over dependence on a single individual or on a predicted specific event

⑩ Failure to understand capital requirements of a growing business




Venturepreneurial Flight

8  Questions

2 Rules

7 Characteristics





⑪ Poor timing of expenditures and cash flow management due to poor planning

⑫ Expedient rather than reasoned decision-making


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