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Competitive Position and Leadership Skills
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Sun Tzu



Five Elements for Comparing Competitive Positions




Sun Tzu strategy advice quotes

You must know these five things.

You then know the theory of victory.

Sun Tzu




A competitor with a strong philosophy is a strong competitor. A clear philosophy makes decision-making easier. Understanding your competitor's philosophy allows you to predict them.


Trends over time that are beyond your control. You must foresee these changes to adjust to them.





It is both where you fight and what you fight for. The Ground is the basis of all competition because it is what people are fighting about. Competitors are distinguished by the position they hold on the ground. You can and must chose the ground over which you battle. Your choice of ground is a key aspect of your success.





The success of the competitive unit depends on five qualities in its leader: bravery, intelligence, strictness, trust in and care about people.


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Methods have five qualities the make them effective: systems, organization, learning, support, and standards.


5 Things You Must Know To Win




The Four Skills of an Effective Competitor





The five elements that define a competitive position also create the four skills that define the competitor's interaction with the competitive environment.

These skills define your external competence in the competitive world.




Knowing: the ability to get hard information.

Vision: the ability to foresee the future.

Action: the ability to move or stay where we are.

Positioning: the ability to use the Ground to find success.


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