To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.






The best policy is to attack while the enemy is still planning.

The next best is to disrupt alliances.

The next best is to attack the opposing army.

The worst is to attack the enemy's cities.




If you outnumber the enemy ten to one, surround them.

If you outnumber them five to one, attack them.

If you outnumber them two to one, divide them.

If you are equal, then find an advantageous battle.

If you are fewer, defend against them.

If you are much weaker, evade them.

Small forces are not powerful. However, large forces cannot catch them.


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The value of time, that is of being a little ahead of your opponent, often provides greater advantage than superior numbers or greater resources.





The essential factor of military success is speed, that is taking advantage of others' unpreparedness or lack of foresight, their failure to catch up, going by routes they do not expect, attacking where they are not on guard. This you cannot accomplish with hesitation.



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You must know these five things.

You then know the theory of victory.

Sun Tzu







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Don't undershoot, or you will simply create an opportunity for competition.  >>>

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Entrepreneurial simulation games are by far more useful than conventional strategy formulation.  >>>

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