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Walt Disney advice quotes

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Walt Disney



When creating stories, Walt Disney used
3 perceptual positions




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NLP Modeling

The technique Disney Creativity Strategy was modeled and developed as NLP tool by Robert Dilts, an NLP pioneer and the author of Strategies of Genius. Dilts defined this particular strategy after analyzing Disney's methods for turning his dreams into reality.




3 Vital Roles





Dreamer – the visionary who dreams up ideas for films and ventures.

Realist – the pragmatic producer who makes things happen.

Critic – the eagle-eyed evaluator who refines what the Dreamer and Realist produce.





Here is how Disney describes his creative process:





"The story man must see clearly in his own mind how every piece of business in a story will be put. He should feel every expression, every reaction. He should get far enough away from his story to take a second look at it...to see whether there is any dead phase...to see whether the personalities are going to be interesting and appealing to the audience."




"He should also try to see that the things that his characters are doing are of an interesting nature."






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