Customer Partnership  

Create a Shared Future

Customer satisfaction and retention are critical to success of your business. You must partner with your customers and to create a shared future that is more secure than either could have built alone. Ask your major customers what they are planning to achieve, inform them about your strategic intent, formulate a shared vision, and then discuss how you could make the desired future a reality jointly.






Involve Everyone

Create a customer-focused culture, get employees passionate about customer, and make customer partnership everybody’s job. Leaving establishment of customer partnership to isolated departments like sales or customer service is a mistake. Everybody in your company must find ways to connect with customers in a mutually beneficial way.

Partner with all types of customers – not just existing ones, but also potential and lost customers. Existing customers may help you improve your customer services and create innovative customer value. Potential customer may help you understand why they aren't buying your product or services and what could turn them to buyers. Lessons learnt from lost customer can prevent future losses.

Create Enablers

Create platforms and mechanisms that will make it easier for customers to share their ideas, to discuss matters of mutual interest, and to collaborate with you.





Listen carefully to all responses

Stay focused on what you want to achieve and don't get distracted

⑩ Analyze feedback and adapt your message to achieve your goal

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