Make customer partnership everybody's job

Don't leave partnering with customers to isolated departments like marketing or customer service. Your organization exists to serve its customers, and this recognition should permeate every process, department, and job role. Everybody in your organization, from front-line employees to the Board Chairperson, must find ways to connect with customers.  >>>






Customer Value Creation: Yin-Yang Strategies

Partner with potential customers
Potential customers represent a tremendous opportunity you need to understand why they aren't buying your product or services. Uncover this information through market research surveys or focus groups or special incentive offers or thorough postmortems on the lost sales.  >>>

Value Innovation: Yin-Yang Strategies

Partner with lost customers
Interview disenchanted customers, empathize with their decision and find out why they are leaving not all of these customers will return, but the lessons learned in the process can prevent future losses.  >>>

Increase "wallet share"
Generate more revenue from your existing customers through discovering untapped needs that open up exciting market opportunities and offering new or augmented products or services.  >>>

Customer Success 360

Let go of "poor fit" customers
Use the
80/20 Principle defection of unprofitable customers should not concern you much. If some customers need services that you cannot or should not offer in the spirit of your mission and values, let them go elsewhere, or otherwise you may lose the  competitive advantage of your integrity.  >>>





The Tree of Business

Partner for Profit    Co-innovate with Your Customers    Customers for Life    4 Levels of Customer Satisfaction