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Do you want to raise donations through GoFundMe?

The crowdfunding platform recommends three strategies that will help you to get the word out and keep up the momentum. Below are some sharing tips that you can use to help more people learn about your GoFundMe.


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1. Send a personalized message to 3-5 close contacts who you know would be likely to support your cause, and ask them to donate and share with their networks.

2. Think of a friend who is great with social media, and ask them to share your link on your behalf or join your GoFundMe as a team member.

3. Reach out to your networks, such as social media groups, religious organizations, local clubs, PTAs, or alumni associations. You can share your GoFundMe link with them online, in person, or via a mailing list.

Sharing your GoFundMe in a personal email or text to your close friends and family is also a great way to bring in new donations.


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