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Never Elect a Comedian To Rule Your Country!


Reducing Lies

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"Nazi-free Ukraine" movement




Both drug-addict youngsters and
sanction-addict politicians
say the same thing about him:

"He is one of us!"


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100% Failure as a Walk-Your-Talk President

His Presidential-campaign was simple: he promised citizens of Ukraine to bring peace to the country.





“Zelensky is a dirty actor who tried to start World War III by deliberately misleading the public.”

 ~ Candace Owens, Fox News, USA





Instead of
nourishing peace,
he became a puppet of the 'Collective Hitler'
and provoked
two world wars –  

World War III
Cold War II.

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"NATO barking at Russia's door provoked Russia's anger.”

 ~ Pope Francis, Vatican





From textbooks of

'Collective Hitler' and 'Collective Goebbels'




"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed." ~ Adolf Hitler

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." ~ Joseph Goebbels





A showman, not a President

As a President, he kept behaving like a showman.

His weakness as a President allowed Ukrainian nazi to come to power in the country and scale genocide of the Russian population in the Eastern Ukraine up.




"Despite his pledge to end cronyism, Zelensky packed his government with old pals from his days at Qvartal 95, the TV production firm. While most were refreshingly young, they were arguably no better qualified for government than a scriptwriting team from The Daily Show.”

 ~ Colin Freeman, The Telegraph, United Kingdom





"Poor Ukrainians, look at their President Zelensky, poor actor... Neo-Nazi battalions have been bombing Eastern Ukrainian cities for eight years!"

 ~ Giorgio Bianchi, journalist, Italy






A showman, not a Chief Commander

During the World War III, he kept behaving like a showman, not as a Chief Commander.

He focused on recording his video-talks, feeding lies to sanction-addict politicians, creating fake news, and staging fake shows for Western mass media.




"We are being lied about Ukraine on an epic scale!"

 ~ Lara Logan, journalist, USA





"The massacre is Bucha is a cynical false-flag operation by Kyiv."

 ~ Gurvinder Singh, Audacity of Awakening, India





"Zelensky is a showman who set his country on fire."

 ~ Iran Press, Iran





"Hell with this guy! He does nothing but begging for more money and more weapons. I am fed up with him! I don't want the taxes I pay move to his wallet. He never tried to prevent this disaster – he sows deaths and creates fake news instead."

 ~ Dany L, France





"It’s clear what the problem is: Mr. Zelensky’s tendency to treat everything like a show. Gestures, for him, are more important than consequences. Strategic objectives are sacrificed for short-term benefits. The words he uses don’t matter, as long as they are entertaining. And when the reviews are bad, he stops listening and surrounds himself with fans."

 ~ Olga Rudenko, a Ukrainian journalist for The New York Times, USA






Never, never, never
elect a comedian to rule your country!