Your Entrepreneurial Gratitude Intervention

Add an Exciting New Dimension To Your Life, Feel Better and Boost Your Health and Well-Being



By: Todd Brown

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It’s clear – from studies and personal anecdotal evidence – that spending time each day reflecting on the aspects of your life your grateful for is both healthy and rewarding.

The Tao of Happiness


Engaging in this little “intervention” will add an exciting new dimension to your life, boost your overall health and well-being, and make you feel good.

Here’s a little 3-step exercise for you.

I call it the Entrepreneurial Gratitude Intervention:

Step #1: Spend 20 minutes thinking about and writing down all of the things in your life you’re grateful for.

Step #2: Spend 10 minutes meditating on one of the things on your Gratitude List. Think about why you’re grateful for it. How thankful you are for having it in your life. Think about what it truly means to you.

Life-Business Synergy

Step #3: Each day going forward, spend 10-minutes meditating on another item on your Gratitude List. As you realize you have new areas, items, or aspects of your life to be thankful for, add them to your Gratitude List and the daily meditation rotation.

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