Water is Your #1 Ally
to Promote Lucid, Clear-Looking, Supple Skin

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 Christopher Guerriero, Metabolic, Weight Loss and Longevity Expert





It's time to get back to basics and forget everything you were ever taught about drinking water.

Let's talk about how to use water specifically to help you look and feel younger now!!!

Specifically, for longevity and looking and feeling younger, healthier and firmer and more lean, you really need to consume eight ounces (227 g) of plain, fresh, preferably distilled water for every 14 (6.4 kg) to 20 pounds (9.1 kg) of body weight you now carry.

If you're very active or under a lot of stress or you eat poorly or you're exposed to toxins throughout the day, than you're probably going to want to be closer to eight ounces for every 14 pounds of body weight.

But if you live a really healthy lifestyle, drinking vegetable juices on a regular basis, if you eat fresh, raw organic vegetables two or three times a day and you avoid pesticides and preservatives as much as you can, then feel free to drink just eight ounces for every 20 pounds of body weight.

The easiest way to get water in that I have found and that we found with our clients in the research center, is simply to have a jug by you at all times.



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A gallon water jug or a half a gallon water jug is best. Keep it at your desk during the day. Carry it with you in the car. Keep it right next to your bed at night so that when you wake up in the morning you immediately begin drinking it.

If you sip on water all day long, you'd be surprised how very much water you get in by the end of the day.

Water is your body's number one ally to promote lucid, clear-looking, supple skin.

Plus it helps keep every cell in your body well hydrated and maintained.



I know everybody reading this knows all the benefits of water so I'm not going to go drilling them into you again....

...But you need to know that without consuming ample amounts of fresh, plain, preferably distilled, water, you can never look and feel your best, let alone look and feel young and healthy.

So it's vital that you begin drinking clean, fresh water today.

Each day, begin just when you wake up in the morning, because after hours and hours of sleeping, your body becomes dehydrated and it needs immediate relief when you wake up.

So there you have it water is the next step in your anti-aging regimen.