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Humorous Song

12 Keys to Great Sex

How to get better in bed: humorous advice for girls




I want to be with you all night.
Iím sure youíll answer me ĎAll rightí.

Letís go without hesitations.
I hope youíll meet my expectations.

This could be your life changing quest Ė
Just stretch yourself and do your best!

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Love jokes Love what you do Денис Котельников Vadim Kotelnikov

To do your best, create a vision,
Make an empowering decision

And set your goals extremely high.
Visualize that you are mine.

Iím so fed up with all frustrations!
I hope youíll meet my expectations.


Just be yourself. Abandon fears,
Experiment with wild ideas.

In very action, think ĎWin-Winí,
And love me deeper than your skin.

Be brave and yield to all temptations.
And you will meet my expectations!

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