Quality Website

How To Build a Great Website


Source: “IndiaSoft” Conference Materials


  • The central objective: to capture the attention of the viewer, exceed his expectations, leave a positive impact in his mind and turn him into a repeat visitor.


  • Simplicity: Your site should be easy to read and not messy.

  • Leanness: Avoid irrelevant materials at all cost. Convey your core message and avoid any distractions.

  • Shortness: Avoid too much text in your pages. A picture can be better than pages of words.

  • Speed: Downloading time is crucial. If your web page takes to long to load, you are more likely to lose a large number of potential visitors.

  • Consistency: The different web pages is your site should have a consistent layout; a common design or a motif so that the site as a whole leaves a unified impression in the mind of the visitor.

  • Ease of navigation: Be sure to have a site map and a search engine.

  • Updating: Update your content regularly.


  • Privacy: Promise – and deliver! – privacy to your visitors about their names or e-mail addresses, etc.

  • Security: Provide information about the security and encryption procedures followed by your site, particularly if you transact and accept payments over the site.

  • Contact information: Provide contact information clearly on the site.