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Guidelines by Google Adsence


Great Website: Create Original and Interesting Content - Google Guidelines for Creating Quality Website


Create Original and Interesting Content

"Remember, quality content is king," advises Google and highlights the following principles of quality content on websites:



  • Create value Create a useful and information-rich site.

  • Be yourself Both search engines and visitors like unique online content, so don't copy and paste content from other sites or auto-generate unoriginal information.

  • Be creative Despite similar interests, there are infinite possibilities of presenting your content uniquely. The need for information crosses all borders.

  • Be concise Describe your content clearly and accurately. Users enjoy and come back to well-written and easy to follow content.

  • Involve users Identify all possible user communities. Solicit your users feedback and modify the features accordingly.

  Quality Website - Google Guidelines for Creating Great Website: Effective Layout and Clear navigation


Effective layout and clear navigation

1. Layout

  • Create distinct, short but informative title tags for each page.

  • Use unique description meta tags for each page to improve the quality and quantity of your search traffic.

  • Create simple-to-understand URLs to help users and search engines understand what your pages are about.



2. Navigation

  • Make your site easier to navigate - its important as it helps visitors quickly find the content they want.

  • Create a naturally flowing hierarchy without slicing your content too much.

  • Place core navigation and content of your site in text, optionally using Javascript to enhance.

  • Use ALT attributes for images.