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An 8-Step Process for Creating a Sustainable Culture of Innovation


By: Idea Champions

  1. Whet the Appetite: Stimulate your workforce’s innate hunger to innovate.

  2. Stake and Prepare the Ground: Clarify the scope of your effort… increase organizational readiness.

    • Ask your senior team to prioritize the company’s top five innovation needs.


    • Quantify the cost/benefits of innovating in these top five fields.

    • Ask middle managers what they can do to establish a culture of innovation.

    • Begin researching idea management software options.

  3. Find the Seeds: Locate powerful, new ideas – the fuzzy front end of innovation.

    • Ask your direct reports for three well-developed ideas per week.

    • Re-state your company’s biggest challenges in the form of questions beginning with the words “How can we?”

    • Identify ten already scheduled meetings and dedicate at least 25% of these meetings to idea generation.

    • Invite selected customers/clients to a series of brainstorming sessions.

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  4. Plant the Seeds: Improve the process for new ideas being pitched and taking root.

    • Identify best “idea pitching” practices and spread the word..

    • Identify skillful, in-house communicators and ask them to mentor others.

    • Ask employees what they need from management in order to make the company’s idea pitching process more inviting, humane, and effective.

    • Train your workforce in the art and science of making skillful presentations.

  5. Fence the Garden: Protect aspiring innovators from naysayers and idea killers.

    • Eliminate all unnecessary innovation metrics and bureaucratic protocols.

    • Identify your company’s biggest naysayers and serve them with an “aspiring innovators restraining order.”

    • Request all naysayers to seek you out (instead of aspiring innovators) with their concerns about experimental projects and pilot programs.

    • Provide safe havens for aspiring innovators to collaborate on new projects away from the scrutiny and micromanagement of in-house skeptics..

    Innovation-friendly Organization

  6. Tend New Growth: Find healthy ways to nurture the development of new possibilities.

  7. Thin and Transplant: Evaluate, simplify & decide… know what to focus on & what to defer.

    • Identify and communicate the criteria by which new ideas will be evaluated.

    • Identify the resources available to support new growth initiatives.

    • Establish “greenhouse environments” that will enable your company to nurture the growth of new ideas and pilot programs.

  8. Celebrate the Harvest: Acknowledge the bounty and the gardeners…express appreciation.

    • Take some time this week to individually acknowledge each of your direct reports for the efforts they’ve made this year.

    • Ask your direct reports to take some time this week to acknowledge all of their direct reports.

    • Dedicate some time at your next already scheduled meeting to acknowledge a team or department for their collective efforts to innovate.

    • Put together a team of people to schedule, plan, and facilitate an event to celebrate your company’s “innovation harvest” for the year.

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