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Conduct a process , or certain stages (e.g. destructible, harmful or hazardous operations) at high speed.


*Blessing in disguise* or *Turn Lemons into Lemonade*

Use harmful factors (particularly, harmful effects of the environment or surroundings) to achieve a positive effect.

Eliminate the primary harmful action by adding it to another harmful action to resolve the problem.

Amplify a harmful factor to such a degree that it is no longer harmful.



Introduce feedback (referring back, cross-checking) to improve a process or action.

If feedback is already used, change its magnitude or influence.



Use an intermediary carrier article or intermediary process.

Merge one object temporarily with another (which can be easily removed).



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Make an object serve itself by performing auxiliary helpful functions.

Use waste resources, energy, or substances.



Instead of an unavailable, expensive, fragile object, use simpler and inexpensive copies.

Replace an object, or process with optical copies.

If visible optical copies are already used, move to infrared or ultraviolet copies.


Cheap short-living objects

Replace an inexpensive object with a multiple of inexpensive objects, comprising certain qualities (such as service life, for instance).


Mechanics substitution

Replace a mechanical means with a sensory (optical, acoustic, taste or smell) means.

Use electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields to interact with the object.

Change from static to movable fields, from unstructured fields to those having structure.

Use fields in conjunction with field-activated (e.g. ferromagnetic) particles.






Pneumatics and hydraulics

Use gas and liquid parts of an object instead of solid parts (e.g. inflatable, filled with liquids, air cushion, hydrostatic, hydro-reactive).


Flexible shells and thin films

Use flexible shells and thin films instead of three dimensional structures.

Isolate the object from the external environment using flexible shells and thin films.





 TRIZ Principles:     1 10     11 20     21 30     31 40








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