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When you need to invent a solution to a complex problem, why should you force your brain to strive – for ages, often desperately – if your subconscious mind can do the job instantly?









Three Main Reasons To Trust Your Subconscious Mind




Your conscious mind processes just a tiny portion of what you are aware of. Only about 0.01% of all the brain’s activity is experienced consciously.

You know unconsciously much, much, much more than you think you know.

Your subconscious mind works much, much, much faster than your conscious mind. How faster is your subconscious at processing information compared to the conscious mind? 500.000 times say some researchers, others say 200 million times. There is no formal agreement on how fast is the subconscious mind, but it’s clear that it works much, much, much faster.


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The Greatest Know-How

Actually, the greatest know-how is knowing how to engage your subconscious mind because it works at a lightning speed.

In addition to being much faster, non-conscious systems in the brain have access to a wider stream of information – the first impression, your emotions, your “gut feelings”, things you are not yet conscious of or consider – mistakenly – as irrelevant.



2 Levels of Intuition

Trust Your First Thought







Research Results

A study published in the journal Psychological Science revealed how the body is able to speak intuitively to the mind. Researchers designed a card game based on no obvious strategy but forced participants to rely upon their hunches. Each participant was hooked up to a heart monitor and a finger sensor to measure sweat secretion. Most players figured out how to improve and eventually win the game by listening to their heart rate.