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Selecting a New Corporate Leader: 3 Questions To Answer

Define What You Are Looking For and Select the Best Candidate


Lessons from Peter Drucker


Responsibilities of a Corporate Leader


First and foremost, define what you are looking for.

Leadership is not rank, it is responsibility.

Leadership vs. Management

It is the lifting of a subordinate’s vision to higher sights – the raising of a subordinate’s performance to a higher standard.

It is the building of a subordinate’s personality beyond its normal limitations.

A leader must set strict principles of conduct and responsibility, high standards of performance, and respect for the individual and his work.

Identifying a New Corporate Leader

  1. First: look at what the candidates have done – and what their strengths are. You can only perform with strength. What has each candidate done with his strengths?

Leadership Attributes

  1. Second: would look at the institution and ask: “What is the key challenge?” Try to match the candidate’s strengths with the needs.

  2. Third: Look for integrity. A leader sets an example, especially a strong leader. He or she is someone on whom people – especially younger people – in the organization model themselves.

Matsushita's 7 Core Principles of Management Philosophy

When selecting a leader, always ask yourself: “Would I want one of my children to work under this person?"

If the leader is successful, then the young people will imitate him. Ask yourself: “Would I want my child to look like this?”


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