Life is not a dash between the dates of birth and death; it is an endless chain of wonders if you've discovered your life mission and pursue it passionately.

Live a wonderful life!
Never let vanity cacophony mute your life symphony!


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The bigger your dreams the bigger your life tree. If you dream small dreams you voluntarily put your unlimited creativity and power in a confined prison cell.

Dream big dreams and follow your true passion if you want to grow, blossom, and create great value for others and yourself. Wealth will follow as wealth is just a measure of the value you create for others.






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Discover Your True Self

What I love most about self-discovery is that it is not an event, it is an EXCITING LIFELONG JOURNEY.

You are who you are for a higher reason. Discover that reason!

Daily Exercise #1. Take time to think like an almighty Creator ─ because you are! 



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Life is simultaneously a century for your body and an instant for your soul.

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Discover Your True Passion

Your true passion is your life mission. Life turns to a chain of wonders when you discover your true passion and pursue it wholeheartedly.

Innovation is about love − love what you do and love your customers.

Love for true art can make your life better and more senseful.






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Spiritual Journey and Growth

Loving heart makes life meaningful.
Grateful heart makes life wonderful.

In our Earthly life we grow spiritually by going through an endless chain of tests in their various forms: losses, governments, mass media...

Clean your soul as frequently as you take shower to clean your body. A pray is a soul purification act.



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