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Stressed out and deeply in debt, Griffiths left a six-figure Wall Street position in 1988 to pursue his dream as a playwright, actor, and teacher. He sold his eighteenth-century mansion and downsized his luxury lifestyle, and he found happiness in the process.

In his book "Do What You Love for the Rest of Your Life: A Practical Guide to Career Change and Personal Renewal," Griffiths advises readers to commit to a career change, identifying doubts (often money-related) before undertaking the process of identifying a passion, perhaps by taking tests or seeing a career counselor. The new career, says Griffiths, should integrate the personal and career selves.




Emphasizing the need for family discussions about such change, Griffiths suggests that children care less about economic status than reliable parenting.

As for money, he suggests getting control of finances and analyzing expectations, recognizing, e.g., that children can get a good education at non-brand name schools.

His advice ranges from the psychological ("maintaining a constructive attitude") to the practical (make a chart assessing the skills and abilities applicable to new career possibilities). Avoid burning bridges, he says, as networking works better than responding to job ads.

Acknowledging the trade-offs, Griffiths concludes that "self-worth" is more important than "net worth."

This roadmap shows how Griffiths and others walked away from prestigious but unfulfilling careers and successfully reinvented their lives. Theirs is an inward journey of facing their deepest fears, of disempowering money and empowering themselves, and finding out who they really are, beyond material possessions, ego, and status.


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Do What You Love for the Rest of Your Life:
A Practical Guide to Career Change and Personal Renewal




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