Two Steps Will Change Your Life

Accept the reality and focus on finding a solution


By: Bruno Gideon


Do I hear you say that your life is not great right now? I am sorry to hear that, but please be careful the worst you can do is to see everything in black. Negative thinking is as pervasive as the flu but it is far more damaging and the flu shot won't work. We often donít realize it, but when our mind is tattooed with negative thoughts, we practice self-hypnosis and create damaging self-fulfilling prophecies.

Out of shape? Overweight? Fatigued? Sleeping problems? Let's take care of it later, not now time is money! "After all, tomorrow is another day!" as Scarlet O'Hara said in Gone With the Wind.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right!
- Henry Ford

But how can we get out of this vicious circle?

The Wheel of Personal Success

First: accept reality, even if it hurts at first. The sooner you can accept reality, the better. And please: no poor me, no finger pointing. That would be a useless distraction from the real problem.

Second step: focus on finding a solution. There is ALWAYS a solution, maybe not on the surface, so you will have to dig a bit (meditation will help). And surprise by looking forward and focusing on the solution, your negative thoughts are history and you have become a positive person. Congratulations!

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Now comes the bonus if you were still consumed with negativity you wouldnít be able to see it. You need to ask yourself some questions. Why did it happen? Why didnít I see it coming? What mistakes did I make? Did I have a gut feeling? And if so, why didnít I listen to it?

And now that you are no longer stuck in negative territory you will find the answers and this will make a huge difference. Good luck!

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