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Amazing Technique To Improve Empathic Listening

Indian Talking Stick

By: Stephen R. Covey, the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Highly effective people are great listeners and great communicators.

This technique has helped me a lot and can give AMAZING results.

 "In some South Pacific cultures, a speaker holds a conch shell as a symbol of temporary position of authority. Leaders must understand who holds the conch  ̶  that is, who should be listened to and when." ~ Max De Pree


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Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. They're either speaking or preparing to speak. They're filtering everything through their own paradigms, reading their autobiography into other people's lives.

Be a light, not a judge. Be a model, not a critic.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground.

Two people can see the same thing, disagree, and yet both be right. It's not logical; it's psychological.

We see the world, not as it is, but as we are.

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