Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of Innovarsity    

7 Tips for Effective Positioning

Differentiate Your Product In the Mind of Your Prospect




❶  Perceptions
Marketing is a battle of perceptions. Focus on the perceptions of your prospect, not the reality of your product.  >>>

❷  Benefits
Describe differentiated customer benefits, not the product.  >>>

❸  Difference
Be Different. Don't copy others, be yourself, think creatively, think outside the box >>>

❹  Category
Create your own market niche and give it a name.  >>>

❺  Leadership
Position yourself as the leader in your market niche.  >>>

❻  Simplicity
Send simple messages to help customers make right choices faster.  >>>

❼  Partnership
Position yourself as a business partner, not a
seller >>>


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Make the Competition Irrelevant


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