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Is Quora any good for High-IQ People?


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Below is an executive summary of feedback from high-IQ ex-users of Quora who decided to stop wasting their time at this social network.

Sample Feedback from an Ex-User of Quora

"... The majority of core users are pretentious and generally speaking those types of people who genuinely like to hear themselves talk (and think that they know everything that there is to know). Quora seems to attract this particular breed of people..."

Is Quora any good at all?

Quora is good for social-media-addicts who love to see themselves posting.

Is Quora any good for aspiring opinion leaders?

Yes, Quora is an excellent platform for opinion self-leaders.

Is Quora any good for self-marketing?

Yes, Quora is an excellent platform for self-marketing if you want to market your knowledge to yourself.

Is Quora Moderation user friendly?

Quora ex-users say, "If you ever thought that China internet censorship is bad you haven't seen anything yet. Try Quora and then we can talk".




More Feedback from Ex-Users of Quora

"... Quora is essentially an SJW’s wetdream, a very stupid SJW (social justice warrior) at that. Quora is literally a cesspool of the absolute dredges of the internet. It is also extremely harmful because it screws up search engines, making it more difficult to find the information you’re looking for..."

"... I just signed up to Quora last night, asked a couple of questions, and was roundly excoriated by a herd of pseudo-intellectuals the next morning. Good times. It is unfortunate that people nowadays feel so entitled to their own opinions and ideas that even asking a simple question can elicit such juvenile responses..."

"Thanks for putting this up. I have to say that I wish I found this post a bit earlier... I was a rather “daily user” on the Quora site last year, wrote over 800 answers and some of the uglier parts of the site rubbed off on me eventually..."

"... What I hate about Quora is that I am not allowed to say anything true about our society..."

"... I unsubscribed from Quora’s daily digest just a few weeks ago. Best decision of my life. I was wasting at least an hour a day reading empty content..."





Enough about Quora – it's ex-users said enough to prevent others from repeating their mistake.

Let's move from negative to positive now.




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