To start with, keep in mind that every time a social-networker logs in, over 3,000 posts and stories are competing for s/his attention.

Over the past years, all major social networks except INNOMPICS

have re-engineered their platforms to reward paid promotions and suppress organic content.

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Rule #1: LOVE to be 'liked'

Love all people.

While creating the next post,
don't ask yourself "What message should I send to get more 'likes'?",
instead ask yourself,
"What message should I send to get my readers feel loved?"

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In real life, love to be loved.

In virtual life, 'like' to be 'liked'.

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Marketplace, including social media, and especially Instagram, is full of me-tooers who compete in a Red Ocean full of look-alikes.

True entrepreneurs are original. They are proactive innovators. They love to innovate and amaze consumers with radically content.

Next time, when you create a new content for a social media, ask yourself:

"What amazing and outstanding value could I offer to my beloved readers?" ... More

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Ksenya Kotelnikova

Be remarkable − STAND OUT from the competition!

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Be a Sun!

Most social media marketers strive to be a star. What for? Do you look every day at a specific star in the sky?

The Sun is absolutely different. It creates great value daily, and it is vital for life. So don't strive to be star, strive to be a Sun − help others succeed and thrive.

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Two SMM Strategies

To be remembered, you should appear in social media either IMPACTFULLY or frequently. The former strategy is preferable because in today's overcommunicated world, the less is more. And vice versa, the more is less because people read neither long nor frequent shallow here-I-am messages.


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Prepare your marketing materials in a way that makes reading or talking about your brand entertaining, fascinating, and newsworthy. Mimic the successful marketing strategies of your competitors and other great social media marketers... More