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Tips for HR Recruiters: 10 Best Job Interview Questions


By Sam Deep
and Lyle Sussman





Guided by the successes and failures of past employees, use these questions that measure critical success factors for this job.

Respond to each answer with at least one follow-up question that probes for even richer information about the candidate.



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Analyze the Value of These Questions

❶ Which of your past experiences is most relevant to this job?

❷ What single strength of yours is most important for this job?

❸ What were the weaknesses of your past supervisors?
(Reject candidates who snipe at former bosses.)

❹ What was your biggest disappointment in your last job?
(Look for a willingness to accept responsibility)

❺ What two personal projects are you most proud of? What was your role in them?
(Look for a proven track record.)

❻ How, specifically, did you add value to your last position? What's being missed now that you're gone?

❼ When we evaluate your performance, what relative emphasis should we place on your excellence as a [job title] versus your teamwork with other employees?
(Look for the emphasis relevant to your company.)

What are your personal development priorities?
(Look for an existing growth plan.)

❾ What expectations do you have for your carrier in this company?
(Look for ambition tempered by realism.)

❿ What three leadership behaviors in your manager will you be counting on the most?
(Look for a good fit with the manager)






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