psychology of excellence and technology of achievement

If one person can do something, anyone can learn to do it.


NLP Modeling - process of recerating excellence



Benefits of Using NLP

The theories and practices of NLP help you discover what makes some people excel in all aspects of their lives, and will enable you to do the same.





Psychology of Excellence & Technology of Achievement




What Is NLP Modeling

NLP is a process of modeling. The term is used to encompass the techniques and skills uncovered as a result of this process.

We can model a desired human behavior or a skill by mastering the beliefs, the psychology, the strategies, and the specific thought processes that underline the behavior or the skill.




NLP Modeling is the process of recreating excellence by modeling the thinking strategies of successful people.





Modeling is the process of understanding the thoughts and actions that enable someone to accomplish a task excellently.

It is the the process of unpacking your own and others' conscious but especially unconscious strategies in order to duplicate the results achieved.

  Benefits of NLP



Find the Difference that Makes the Difference

Ask yourself:

What did this person do that is different from a person who is not successful?

What is the most important difference that makes the difference?





Applications of NLP to Business

NLP can help managers analyze success secrets of their best employees applied by intuition and teach others these secrets, thus "cloning" success without cloning people.




NLP Modeling Process: 6 Steps

① Choose your success model
select someone with skills you want to explore and improve

② Imagine them performing

③ Imaging floating into their body

④ Float back into your own body

⑤ Repeat once or more times, as required

⑥ Break state




Vadim Kotelnikov

Excellence is not a destination,
it is a virtuous-spiral process: improve, learn from feedback, move to the next spiral coil.

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