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14 Ways To Nourish Conflict

What Creates Conflict and How To Defuse Anger and Nourish Peace


Linda Eve Diamond

By: Linda Eve Diamond

Excerpts from the Linda's book Rule#1: Stop Talking! A Guide to Listening


Linda Eve Diamond is the author of business and educational books and a book of poetry. She currently serves on the executive board of the International Listening Association. Diamond comes from  a corporate training background where she wrote, developed, and delivered courses in management, communication, and personal growth.

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1. Not Listening

If you love conflict in your life, don't listen to anyone. Especially if someone is already hot under the collar, any sign of not listening will turn up the heat.

The Tao of Effective Listening

The Other 13 Ways To Nourish Conflict

Other ways to nurture and feed hostility include:

  1. A hostile reaction

  2. Insults

  3. Yelling

  4. Judgments or assumptions

  5. Self-interest

  6. Unrealistic expectations

  7. Blame

  8. Sarcasm

  9. Harsh words

  10. Insincerity

  11. A "How is that my problem?" attitude

  12. Minimizing a problem

  13. Judging a reaction

How To Nourish Peace Instead

Most Important Words

If you would prefer to minimize angry encounters and defuse hostility, try behaviors that nourish peace instead. The best strategies for defusing anger begin with listening.

Yin and Yang of Communication