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 Influencing People

A key to getting what you what and helping others

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How To Influence People Yin and Yang balance  

The Art  asking the right questions about people

The Science answering these questions, analyzing the answers, and evaluating their results

The Practice implementing the solutions

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Rapport as a Key to Influencing Others

Rapport is a key to harmonious relationships, building trust, influencing and persuading people, effective collaboration, and relationship marketing.

Your People Skills




Presentation the Inspires Change

① Create a visionary, and appealing title: evoke concern, provoke curiosity, add contrast and urgency, promise an interesting solution and great benefits... More


Present with Passion

How To

How To Sell Ideas

Emotional Marketing



Vadim Kotelnikov teachings

If you want your outside-the-box message to hit the target, first, make an adjustment to the wind of existing perceptions, and then, create a wind of new opportunities.

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is about inducing others to change their attitude or behavior.

TALE of Persuasion

Trusted source + internal Acceptance +

clear Logic + Emotional appeal

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Laughter key to success spread joy connect with people community-wide rapport quotes Vadim Kotelnikov  

  Getting to NO

10 Humorous Negotiation Tips


① Think Win-Lose. A Win-Win outcome is not good enough, you must defeat the other party... More

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If you stop learning,
you stop creating history and become history.

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