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How To Present with Passion


David Greenberg


 Four Tips To Let Your Passion Show and Increase the Impact of Your Message






A few years ago, I had the privilege of coaching a prominent politician from Nigeria. While he was extremely pleased with his improved communication skills, there was one trait he already possessed that separates him from most presenters. . . Passion!

Even though English was his second language and his word choices were not always perfect, you couldn't help but give him your undivided attention. Even though you may not have always agreed with what he was saying, you still felt compelled to listen. It was clear how concerned he was about wanting to help his country and its people. And it was clear how important it was to him that every listener felt the impact of his message. You could hear it in his voice. You could see it in every muscle of his body.

So how about you and your team? If you know me, you know that I often say "Forget your title, we're ALL in sales!"


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One of my favorite definitions of selling is that selling is a transfer of emotions. When you speak, do your listeners sense how strongly you believe in what you're saying? It doesn't matter if you're talking about the welfare of children, the newest software release or the latest financial report. If you want people to give you their undivided attention and feel compelled to heed your advice, they must hear and see in you an unwavering commitment to your message.


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Present with Passion


Here are four tips to let your passion show and increase the impact of your message:

1. Believe in the importance of your subject

It all starts inside. You must believe in what you have to offer, that what you have to say is important, and that it's imperative for your listeners to "get it." If you don't feel that way, stop now -- you'll never convince anyone to buy from you.

2. Realize that the facts don't always speak for themselves

If they speak for themselves, then just email people the facts. Otherwise, help the facts come to life by personalizing them. Explain to listeners why this information is so important to you, and more importantly, explain why it is so important for them. Use a phrase such as "The reason this is so important is..."





3. Move!

Motion equals emotion, and it's hard to feel compelled to listen or take action when listening to a monotone speaker who never moves. Use your body language and voice inflection to underscore the importance of your words. When I coach monotone speakers, I rarely focus on their voice. Just by adding some purposeful body movements, their voices automatically "move" too. For practice, read the following sentence four times, using different gestures and emphasizing a different word each time: "I didn't say he cheated on his taxes." Review your presentations and mark the words that deserve special emphasis.

4. Share stories that paint vivid pictures

One of the best ways to connect with an audience is by using stories. Are you using your personal stories to connect with your listeners? As my friend and master sales trainer Mike Stewart puts it, "If you're not sharing stories, you are missing one of the most effective means of creating trust and confidence with them. They are missing a large part of your authenticity you could be sharing with them, and you are missing a large part of the business they could be sharing with you." Of course the stories must be relevant to your message. Start and maintain a story file that you can turn to when preparing your presentations so you can easily increase the impact of your message.  >>>




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