Managerial Skills: Spot and Solve Problems - challenge addumptions, beginners mind, reframing  

How To Spot Problems

To spot a problem, adopt the Beginner's Mind.

Play a child or an external observer. Pretend you are a complete outsider and ask questions like 'Why do you do it this way at all?'

4 Levels of Problem Solving




"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." ~ Mark Twain





Challenge Assumptions

Check and challenge assumptions. Neither a thing is right because you do it nor a method is good because you use it. Everything can and should be improved – keep looking for improvement and innovation opportunities!

Head of Growth

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Tips for Solving Problems





Understand Perceptions

A situation perceived is not the reality. Sometimes you may be blind to a problem that doesn't let you achieve more. Dealing with this type of hidden problems requires challenging assumptions, asking “Why?” and “What if?” questions, benchmarking, and cross-pollination of ideas.





Reframing is a powerful technique to solve problems. In NLP terms, a frame is a focus of attention you give to something. Sometimes the way you frame a problem contains an assumption that prevents you from solving it. The value of reframing is being able to consider an issue from many different aspects. It is a way of getting people to think: 'How else can I do or consider this?‘

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Unpackage the problem to understand it better and solve it easier.

Ask, "What's working well? What's working not so well? What's not working?"

Reduce a situation to its simplest components in order to take it out of your environment.