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Enterprise-wide Business Process Management (EBPM)

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Enterprise-wide Business Process Management (EBPM)

Two Main Enablers of EBPM

  1. Business process thinking

  2. Process-centric information technologies




Creating Customer Value

Value Chain Management

Value Innovation

Business Processes

Business Process Thinking

Enterprise-wide Business Process Management (EBPM)

8 Essential Principles of EBPM

Enterprise Process Management (EPM)

Management Function vs. Process Focus

Process-managed Enterprise

Extended Enterprise

Virtual Integration


IT/Business Alignment: The 4 Phases

Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF)


Kaizen Mindset

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Lean Manufacturing

Canon Production System (CPS)

Enterprise-wide Business Process Management (EBPM)

EBPM is a holistic, deliberate and collaborative approach to managing all of a company's business processes both systematically and systemically.

Benefits of EBPM


EBPM can assist you to develop greater clarity on strategic direction and cascade it through your organization. A process-managed enterprise supports, empowers and energizes employees, encourages their initiative, enables and allows its people to perform process work. Value chain leadership requires cultivation of a shared vision in all participants. The shared vision provides common direction and focus, motivates personal, team, and organizational learning, and thus enables all participants in the value chain to work toward common goals.

Areas Targeted by TQM in Japan

 Case in Point  Dell Inc.

"Most companies segment by product. We decided also segment by customer," says Michael Dell, the Founder of Dell. "We believe that segmenting by customer is the right way to operate because the majority of the company's costs are aligned toward serving the customer.

Segmentation by customer means that the responsibility for satisfying the customer is ultimately shared throughout the company.

You might be responsible for selling computer systems to banks or large companies in the United Kingdom, but you'd also have someone on your team who knows all about servers and storage products and who looks at technical product requirements in a customer context."

Jokes: Joaquim's Fault

A man is digging a hole at the same time that his friend is covering up the same hole. And thus they spend the day, one digs and the other one covers up. Curious, a passerby who can no longer keep quiet watching the surrealist scene, approaches the two men and asks, "Gentlemen, what exactly does this mean?"

"Well, we're working," one of them answers.

"And are you positive there's nothing wrong with what you're doing?"

"Well, if there is something wrong here, it's Joaquim's fault. He didn't show up today."

"And who's Joaquim?" asks the passerby.

"He is the guy who sows the seed."

Cross-functional Management

Cross-functional management (CFM) manages business processes across the traditional boundaries of the functional areas.

CFM relates to coordinating and synergizing the activities of different units for realizing the superordinate cross-functional goals and policy deployment. It is concerned with building a better system for achieving such cross-functional goals as innovation, quality, cost, and delivery... More

Business Process Thinking Checklist: 13 Questions To Answer

  1. What process are you part of?... More

Business Project Management System (BPMS)

The BPMS is a new category of management software that opens a new era for IT-powered business infrastructure. By acquiring BPMS, your company may gain unprecedented control over the management of your business processes

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