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Yoga 10-step Guideline for
Resolving Inner and Outer Conflict


Rama Vernon
Yoga teacher




Develop Equanimity

in all situations.




Do not try to get rid of life's difficulties, but be thankful that they are there to smooth the ragged edges of the personality and to teach greater compassion for others. Find a point of peace within you in the midst of any or all conditions of life. Achieve equanimity both in praise and blame, success or failure where public opinion has no hold over your mind or emotions.





Yoga 10-step Guideline for
Resolving Inner and Outer Conflict

1. Practice Non-Violence

2. Express Truthfulness

3. Develop Non-Covetousness (Non Envy)

4. Assume an Attitude of Non-Possessiveness

5. Regulate the Senses

6. Purify Motives

7. Cultivate Contentment and Serenity

8. Develop Equanimity

9. Learn from Inspirational Role Models

10. Remember God or "Higher Self"






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