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Yoga 10-step Guideline for
Resolving Inner and Outer Conflict


Rama Vernon
Yoga teacher




Cultivate Contentment and Serenity

to develop the spirit of non-attachment as the witness or onlooker who sees all people and happenings through the light of universal love




Contentment is not a state of repression but a state of serenity that transforms the negative into the positive recognizing that every thought we have is contagious and the time is coming when every thought will become public property.



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Therefore, our inner contentment radiates and creates an atmosphere of serenity and peace.

Contentment and serenity is the deep calm devoid of emotional disturbances.




Contentment is "seamless" where we are there in all life's situations of conflict, but we can help heal conflict situations by contributing our own calmness, serenity, peace of mind and compassion. Contentment and Serenity are the way of the "Peaceful Warrior".



Lao Tzu advices

Rule your mind with serenity
rather than with force and manipulation.

Lao Tzu

Tao Te Chin



Yoga 10-step Guideline for
Resolving Inner and Outer Conflict

1. Practice Non-Violence

2. Express Truthfulness

3. Develop Non-Covetousness (Non Envy)

4. Assume an Attitude of Non-Possessiveness

5. Regulate the Senses

6. Purify Motives

7. Cultivate Contentment and Serenity

8. Develop Equanimity

9. Learn from Inspirational Role Models

10. Remember God or "Higher Self"





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