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Remembering Tips - 5 Keys To Memorizing




  1. Visualize the big picture of your desired future and explain yourself how this specific new knowledge can contribute to achievement of your dream.

  2. Set learning goals before you begin to read or study. Link your study goals to your long-term personal, business and educational goals.

  3. Get interested in the subject. Choose to pay attention and remember. Motivate yourself. Want to learn and know.

  4. Visualize what you want to remember. For each major concept, create a clear mental picture and then look at it carefully for a few seconds.

  5. Create associations. It easier to remember something if you link it to something we already know. Relate new information to personal examples and other important ideas as much as possible.

  6. Rephrase the material in other words to turn the powerful active memorizing process on.

  7. Diversify your sensory immersion. Memorize through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic systems. Incorporate as many of the senses as possible when learning, focusing especially, but not exclusively on your preferred style.

  8. Play with new knowledge and ideas. Make a quick story that uses them. The more bizarre the story the better.

  9. Apply the new knowledge. The less knowledge is used, the greater the forgetting. Similarly, the more it is used, the better the remembering.

  10. Review periodically. If you do nothing with the information you learned, you will have lost 50%-80% of it by the next day. Yet, you can “reactivate” the material by reviewing for few minutes. To remember information for a long time, review many times on different days.




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