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Remembering Tips - 5 Keys To Memorizing




"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."
- Confucius

Understanding is the best way of remembering. But you will also need to memorize. Here are some tips to help you memorize what you've studied.

  1. Motivate yourself. Choose to remember. Be interested. Pay attention. Want to learn and know. What you want is an important part of learning.

  2. Set learning goals before you begin to read or study. Link your study goals to your long-term personal, business and educational goals.

  3. Visualize or picture in your mind what you wish to remember. A mental picture or visualization is clearer and easier to remember than words. For each major concept that you want to remember, create a clear mental picture and then look at it carefully for a few seconds.

  4. Create associations. Relate the ideas and information you wish to remember to each other and to ideas and information you already know. This would help you create a chain of memories which lead to one another and makes it easy to locate and remember the information.

  5. Repeat what you wish to learn and say it in your own words. Even though you may think you've already learned something, go over it one more time. Ask a friend or relative to test you. To remember information for a long time, review many times on different days. Practice until it's easy to recall. You can also make up special memory devices or create a rhyme to help you remember some specific information.

"We remember what we understand;
we understand only what we pay attention to;
we pay attention to what we want."
- Edward Bolles