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Smart Farming:
Agriculture Trends to Watch Out for in 2022


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As with most industries today, many emerging trends tend to center around new technologies and sustainability. Agriculture is no different; it is not necessarily an easy business to be in, especially during the last few years.

Aerial Imaging

Using satellite imaging and drone technology is tipped to be one of the biggest new trends in farming. Viewing crop variations and issues is far easier with this technology than from the ground. Managing crops and rotation is easier, which allows for higher profits.

Water Management

Safeguarding crops through water management is set to be big next year. Extreme weather conditions can damage crops. Implementing better water systems can help to offset the damage that these events can incur. Mitigate the risks by coming up with better solutions for drainage and water retention.

International Workers

The globalization of the farming industry has made it easier to outsource staffing needs. Using highly skilled migrant workers who understand soil rotation and other farming techniques is almost par for the course, and the trend will only continue into the new year. Check out the US farm work program and enlist the help of Farmer Law PC to get started.






Regenerative Agriculture

Adopting regenerative agriculture practices can help to protect your farm against climate change and weather volatility. Using techniques to increase soil carbon sequestration, reduce tillage, and cover crops are at the forefront. Increasing soil health and fertility is a must.

Nitrogen Applications

Precise applications of nitrogen fertilizers to reduce the concerns surrounding the release of greenhouse gases. Use technology to help you meet your plant's nitrogen needs without overapplying the fertilizer. Using these technologies can decrease your costs while maximizing your profits.


Move your meetings with suppliers and clients online. Communicating online saves time and money. Increase the sharing of communication with other industry professionals. Use in-field sensors to check the weather and get instantaneous, accurate wind, rainfall, and temperature readings. Allow this information to inform your planting and harvesting practices.

Invest in Indoor Farming

Utilize sensors and protective culture to produce crops in smaller indoor spaces closer to urban areas. Producing vegetables inside is becoming easier and more widespread. Vertical farming is becoming more prominent and will feature heavily in agriculture trends for next year.

Field Mapping

Mapping your fields digitally allows you to make the best decisions when it comes to cultivating your crops. Use the information to inform your planting, spraying, and harvesting. Growth in this area is expected to increase in the new year. Find technologies that allow you to integrate this data with your current farming practices.