Planning a wedding on a tight budget can be a challenge, but itís definitely not impossible and just means that you might need to look at alternatives or perhaps plan something on a smaller scale than you first imagined. There are lots of things to think about when you are starting to plan your wedding so it can be easy to go over your budget if you arenít organised, which is why this is one of the most important things.

The first thing you need to consider is making a budget for your big day and itís really important that you try to stick to this as much as possible. It can be easy to get carried away when you are wedding planning and overspend on things that you wouldnít usually have, this is why it is so important to have your budget set at the start.

Think about what budget you can allocate for your big day and remember that itís only one day, so donít feel the need to have everything on your day! The important things that you will definitely need will include things such as venue, wedding rings, wedding dress, suits, honeymoon, stationary, suppliers and food. You can go as luxurious as your budget allows with these, but also consider being creative and making things yourself.

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Create a spreadsheet

Our first tip for when you are at the start of your wedding planning is to sit down and have a chat with your partner about how much money you have to allocate to the wedding and create a spreadsheet. Itís entirely possible to plan a fun wedding on a tight budget, just remember to do whatever makes you both happy as a couple, not what everyone else thinks you should do.
Creating a spreadsheet is a great way to manage your spending and ensure that you donít overspend on any areas. Have one that you and your partner can both access and update it every time that you spend something on the wedding.






Make sure that you stick to your budget

Tracking your budget regularly is very important and will ensure that you donít overspend. It will also allow you to monitor it and see if there are any areas that you could spend more on as it gets closer to the wedding day. If you find yourselves starting to overspend then you may want to consider alternatives, such as asking a friend to make your wedding cake, or buying one yourself from a shop. This is the same with your catering too, instead of spending a lot on your evening food then you may want to look at buying some yourself or asking a friend to provide some food for you.

Think about the important things to you

There are plenty of things that people can have for their big day, but the main thing is to remember that itís your day, so only have things that you both want. Looking at suppliers for your big day is something that is important, as youíll want to ensure that your photography, entertainment and venue are exactly what youíd like. Remember that suppliers do get booked up in advance quite soon.






Organisation is key

The most important thing to think about and remember is to be organised and plan early for your wedding day, this will ensure that nothing is left to the last minute and you ensure that everything is covered. If you do have certain suppliers in mind then it is a good idea to plan early. If you donít have a particular wedding day or date in mind, then to save some money you might want to consider a mid-week wedding. This is a great way to save some money as a lot of people still want to get married at weekends, but by doing something mid-week you can really cut your costs down.

Something borrowed, something blue!

One really great tip is to look at what items you could either borrow from people or hire from companies. This can be anything from your wedding dress, to jewellery! By borrowing something off a friend it also ties in with the wedding tradition of something borrowed, and saves you money at the same time!