Diversity is more than just a buzzword or fad. Curating a diverse workplace, different in more than how people look, but in what they believe and have experienced, can create an amazingly creative and inventive workplace.

If youíve never given diversity much thought, or youíre trying to understand it better, these are the top places you should focus on. Every workplace is a map of countless possibilities, donít forget to listen to those you hire!

Diversity In Hiring

Hiring is the first place your employees will come into contact with your company and the beliefs it holds. If you notice that many of your companies look the same, have the same ideals, or live their lives in the same way, there may be bias in the hiring process. It's a good idea to hire as many different qualified people for the business as possible because it invites new ideas and fresh creativity into the company.

How It Matters In Training

Training diversity matters because employees need to know that they're expected to respect their coworkers and create a safe and open space for everyone who works there. Employees should be expected to treat one another with respect and patience, and after this initial training should undergo training that continues throughout their career with the company. We like to think that people will know to treat each other with respect, but sometimes a conversation has to happen for that to be possible.

Promotions and Raises

One of the main places economic consulting firms have to help companies is in wages. If you don't realize that your company has an ageist promotional layout, where only older people are getting pushed into prominent roles: this is something that has to be looked into and discussed. All employees deserve an equal chance for a promotion or raise if they're qualified for it.






Firing and Turnover

Unfortunately, even the best employees can't stay with a company forever. Take the time to study your company's turnover rates, including who you've fired. If you notice a trend that more employees of one type stayed on while employees of another kind were almost always fired: this is an issue that needs to be resolved. Firing employees who should have an equal chance of success can be difficult for a business to struggle with.

Customer Interactions

The interactions your customers have with your company should be positive. They shouldn't be tinged with discrimination or a lack of diversity. You can find out more about how your customers are experiencing your company by hiring a secret shopper to check in on them or pushing out polls and surveys to your customers. Either way, it matters how your customers perceive your company because it can make or break whether they use it again.

Diversity should be spread throughout every inch of a business, from hiring to firing, and shouldn't be ignored. However, if you notice that some parts of your company are lacking, take the time to discover why, and look into what you can do to fix this.