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Start Change with Yourself - 4 NLP Steps  

Benefits of  Changing Yourself

The best place to start change is with yourself.

If whatever you do doesn't work, you must be flexible you must change your action plan if the current one does not produce the required results.




If you want other people to change,
you must be prepared to make the first step yourself.

If you cannot change your environment,
you should change your attitude.





① Be an example of what is wanted you are the only thing in the system that you can absolutely change

② Learn from everyday events, treat every situation as an opportunity to learn and to gain some new choices and flexibility

③ Don't rely just on the feedback you receive, solicit feedback actively ( → Example)

④ Increase flexibility in your thinking and your actions




Your Empowering Beliefs

'I enjoy new ideas'

'I have an open mind

'I know I can change'

'I've learnt so much before, and I use every opportunity to learn more'

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