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Add Strategy To Your Advice

Be more
Persuasive and Influential



Glenn Dietzel




How To Persuade People to Buy from You

Being a lot more strategic means being more persuasive and influential.

To add strategy to your advice, you must change your thinking away from putting something together around a ‘topic’. Instead, you want to organize your content around a ‘thesis’. i.e. organize your thinking based on what you are attempting to prove.

By starting from this point in your mind, you are beginning to think much more strategically, not to mention that this will really assist you in getting more focus on what you are actually organizing.

Below are the three important questions to assist you add strategy to the way you organize your content.

❶ How do you want your target market to see its problem?

❷ What is it you want your target market to see specifically?

❸ How do you want to assist your target market to execute?