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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are companies whose headcount or turnover falls below certain limits.

According to the World Bank’s definition, an SME has no more than 300 employees and annual turnover / total assets no more than US$ 15 million.

SMEs in Asia and the Pacific

Throughout Asia and the Pacific, as well as the entire world, SMEs play a vital role in their economies, often acting as the primary drivers of job creation, innovation, and economic growth... More

Business e-Coach for Asia-Pacific SMEs

Social Entrepreneurship in Asia

Modern SMEs

Modern SMEs are creative, innovative, opportunities-driven and  ICT-powered. They create new business model, have empowered employees, build an extended enterprise, and engage their customers... More



ICT-powered SMEs

Leading SMEs are tech-savvy and are early adopters of new information and communication technologies (ICT). These SMEs benefit a lot from being e-business and technology leaders. They outperform peers in sales, profits, employee satisfaction, and business growth... More