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Nobel Peace Prize nominee

Our Innompic social system that turns the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators is a global ecosystem that was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Below are the 8 Essentials of the highly effective Innompic social system.

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8 Essentials of the Innompic Social System

Purpose. The noble Innompic vision and mission inspire and unite Innompians. The vision of Innompics is to turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators. The mission is to help people to unlock their unlimited capabilities for ideation and innovation.

Benefits. The benefits of being a member of the Innompic social system are multidimensional. People socialize, learn and grow faster and joyfully.

Shared Values. Clearly defined shared values lived by all Innompians shape Innompic culture, engender trust, link people together and inspire social entrepreneurship.

Brand Attributes. Inspiring brand attributes such Innompic vision, slogan, anthem, and gesture, are 'small giants' that unite people in a unique way.

Leveraged Diversity. All-inclusive culture- and gender-friendly Innompic social system leverages diversity. People of all ages and passions have a role to play.

Social Network. Web-based innovative two-dimensional Innompic social system helps Innompians both communicate and grow.

All-Win Games. Regular all-win Innompic Games are peak emotional events that make the Innompic social system more vibrant exciting and uniting.

Harmony. Innompic social system is designed using the metaphorical Tree model and by harmonising energies of Yin-Yang and 5 Basic Elements.





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