What is Your Competitive Disruption Strategy?

Competitive Strategies: 2 Types          3 Strategies of Market Leaders


The principles of competitive disruption can help you create temporary competitive advantage by combining a vision of disruption with the capabilities necessary for disruption, and by obtaining advantage through tactics. "A vision for disruption might be based on identifying ways in which customer satisfaction can be improved, and by understanding the opportunities available through changes in technology and lifestyle. The two fundamental capabilities necessary to create disruption are speed and surprise.

Entrepreneurial Leader: 4 Specific Attributes

Finally, competitive disruption should be delivered by constantly changing the rules of the game, using market communication to attract customers or confuse competitors, as well as using several weapons simultaneously, e.g. launching a new, improved product at a lower price," says Peter Skat-RÝrdam, the author of Changing Strategic Direction.

5 Competitive Strategy Questions

Competitive Disruption: 7 Strategies

By: R. D'Adveni, Author of Hypercompetition

  1. Find new ways to improve customer satisfaction

  2. Find opportunities through understanding trends of change

  3. Develop ability to move quickly

  4. Develop ability to surprise

  5. Shift the rules of the game

  6. Invest in strategic market communication

  7. Attack with several competitive weapons simultaneously



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