Team Assessment and Improvement: How Are We Doing?

Team Activity: Self-assessment by Team Members and Improvement Suggestions

Linda Eve Diamond and Harriet Diamond.

Reprinted from the book Teambuilding That Gets Results with permission of its publisher, Sourcebooks, Inc. (800-432-7444)

Linda Eve Diamond

Linda Eve Diamond and Harriet Diamond are the authors of several business and educational books. Harriet founded Diamond Associates in 1985, a successful training and consulting company. Linda Eve developed and delivered many of the company's communication and teambuilding programs. Harriet retired from business, but continues to share her expertise through writing. Linda is now a freelance writer focusing on business, educational and self-help books.

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Harriet Diamond



Give the following instructions to your team, or split your team into small groups and reconvene after they are finished with the assessment.

Step 1:   Work as a team to complete the questions below.

Step 2:   Review these lists and refine them. Determine priorities and emergencies.

Step 3:   Consider how to build on the positive and overcome the negative.

Step 4:   Determine those items your team has the authority and power to change and those that would require your attention.

Step 5:   Share your decisions with the team.

Step 6:   Establish an action plan assigning specific time frames and responsibilities.

Part 1: What's working for us?

  1. What are we doing well? correctly? successfully?

  2. What about our team (people, mindsets, behaviors) contributes to our ability to achieve the above?

Part 2: What' can we improve?

How do we, as a team, get in our own way?

What equipment and/or processes are obsolete?

What mindsets and/or resources are counterproductive?

How can we improve staffing?

How can we improve training?

Are our products / services keeping pace with market demand?

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