Empowering Team Leadership

Delegation Checkpoints

Linda Eve Diamond and Harriet Diamond.

Reprinted from the book Teambuilding That Gets Results with permission of its publisher, Sourcebooks, Inc. (800-432-7444)

Linda Eve Diamond

Linda Eve Diamond and Harriet Diamond are the authors of several business and educational books. Harriet founded Diamond Associates in 1985, a successful training and consulting company. Linda Eve developed and delivered many of the company's communication and teambuilding programs. Harriet retired from business, but continues to share her expertise through writing. Linda is now a freelance writer focusing on business, educational and self-help books.

They can be reached through their websites:

www.LindaEveDiamond.com  and  www.HarrietDiamond.net.

Harriet Diamond


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Leadership Activity: Letting Go

Think about all of the hats you wear and responsibilities you carry out. Write down one that you will gladly delegate to someone else. Think through the process and review the Delegation Checkpoints below.

Make your own list of specific steps to take to ensure that the delegation is successful. What information must you share? What skills must you validate? What training must you provide?

Now, think of something that you enjoy doing but know that someone else should do it because 1) it is no longer one of your top priorities, 2) another person could do it better, or 3) another will develop the necessary skills through doing it.


Delegation Checkpoints

Have you...

  • Delegated the right job to the right person?

  • Supervised to see that the right job was properly done?

  • Observed interactions?

  • Giving strong clear feedback and followed up?

  • Made your level of availability clear at each stage&

  • Clearly established statistics where you would like to be consulted?

  • Backed away to allow the person to become respected and empowered in the role?

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