By: John C. Maxwell

The author of The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork


  1. The Law of Significance: One Is Too Small a Number to Achieve Greatness

  2. The Law of the Big Picture: The Goal is More Important Than the Role

  3. The Law of the Niche: All Players Have a Place Where They Add the Most Value

  4. The Law of the Great Challenge ("Mount Everest"): As the Challenge Escalates, the Need for Teamwork Elevates

  5. The Law of the Chain: The Strength of the Team Is Impacted by Its Weakest Link

  6. The Law of the Catalyst: Winning Teams Have Players Who Make Things Happen

  7. The Law of the Vision ("Compass"): Vision Gives Team Members Direction and Confidence

  8. The Law of the Bad Apple: Rotten Attitudes Ruin a Team

  9. The Law of Countability: Teammates Must Be Able to Count on Each Other When It Counts

  10. The Law of the Price Tag: The Team Fails to Reach Its Potential When It Fails to Pay the Price

  11. The Law of the Scoreboard: The Team Can Make Adjustments When It Knows Where It Stands

  12. The Law of the Bench: Great Teams Have Great Depth

  13. The Law of Identity: Shared Values Define the Team

  14. The Law of Communication: Interaction Fuels Action

  15. The Law of the Edge: The Difference Between Two Equally Talented Teams Is Leadership

9 Roles of a Team Leader

  1. The Law of High Morale: When You're Winning, Nothing Hurts

  2. The Law of Dividends: Investing in the Team Compounds Over Time

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