Five Characteristics of a Winning Team


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Five Characteristics of a Winning Team

Shared Values

Team members are looking for a "values fit" with their team. Without it, they won't give the team their best.


Team members should participate in establishing shared values and values-based common goals if you wish them to live these values, be committed to these goals, and have a feeling of interdependence and ownership for their jobs and unit.

Shared values become also your team's code of behavior as they define what is and isn't acceptable.

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Mutual Trust

Mutual trust is a shared belief that you can depend on each other to achieve a common purpose.

In a team, members work in a climate of trust. They are encouraged to openly express opinions, feelings, and doubts. Team members share important information and ideas. They are fair, willing to be influenced and fulfill their promises. Trust also fosters enthusiasm, ensuring the best performance from everyone.

Inspiring Vision and Strategic Alignment

An inspiring vision has two functions: it provides direction and motivates.

In any socio-technical system the people in the system work better when they understand how they fit into the system as a whole. To meet and exceed customer satisfaction, the business team needs to be inspired by the corporate vision and to follow an overall organizational strategy .

Harnessing the Power of Diversity and Building Synergies

You can inspire innovation and find a strategic competitive advantage in your team by seeking to leverage, rather than diminish, diversity. People with different cultural, educational, scientific, and business backgrounds will bring different frames of reference to a problem and can spark an exciting and dynamic cross-pollination of ideas.

A team that builds on core competencies of individual players to develop synergies among them thus makes its members more productive together than independently.


The only way the team members will fulfill your dream is to share in the dream. Reward systems are the mechanisms that make this happen.

The greatest team management principle is that the things that get rewarded get done. You get what you reward. Rewards include doing the things people enjoy doing, recognition, and money. By rewarding collective achievements you inspire and promote teamwork.

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